See the world
through the eyes of an investor.

Your world is full of potential investment opportunities.
You just haven't seen them yet.

What is Dabbl?

Dabbl brings the stock market to life.
It's the new risk-free way to start thinking like an investor.


Browse what's trending, what's popular or on the move. Search for ideas based on your interests, or even take a photo of a product to see related companies! 


Get an instant grip on company facts, figures and intelligence with at-a-glance indicators and plain English info.


Follow a company and track its price, health, sentiment and news, or follow other users to track their activity.

Beautifully simple to use.

The idea of taking your first steps in the world of stocks and shares can be daunting to many. That's why at Dabbl we've worked like dogs to deliver a super-intuitive mobile-first user experience.

You're not alone.

Not only can you track the performance of companies since you've started following them, you can see what other users of Dabbl are up to.

There's more to come...

This version of Dabbl is available in the App Store now, but in the very near future we plan on adding the ability to go ahead and buy the shares you want. We're redefining that experience too - watch this space.

Finalist for the Tech City News "Elevator Pitch Live" 2016

Selected as one of the UK's top 5 FinTech startups